Equity Crowdfunding Investment Platform​

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Designing an Equity Crowdfunding Investment Platform Portfolio / January 8th, 2020 The Challenge How might we create an investment platform so that investors can invest and have income from franchising without having to run a business directly. The Background We were approached by, a crowdfunding platform for franchising using a revenue sharing scheme, to build investment platform. Inama helps business owners to receive fast funding from investors, and investors have… Read More »Equity Crowdfunding Investment Platform​

Designing ASEAN Energy Center Website Experience

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Prologue ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) is an intergovernmental organization within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) structure that represents the 10 ASEAN Member States’ (AMS) interests in the energy sector. Serving its roles as data and knowledge hub for the ASEAN energy sector, ACE has been actively using website as a platform to share its activities and publications. On this occasion, we helped ACE to redesign the… Read More »Designing ASEAN Energy Center Website Experience
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Bounga.ID Website Redesign & Development

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Bounga.ID Website Redesign & Development Portfolio / November 18th, 2019 The Brief We were approached by Bounga.ID, a Digital Forensic Consultant, to revamp their existing website. They are really focus on security for the new website. From the stakeholder interview session, we found out that their need is basically to update their overall looks to appeal fresher to their customer. The Old Website New Website Design Share to Ready to… Read More »Bounga.ID Website Redesign & Development
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Jenjang Karir Desainer di Indonesia

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Jenjang Karir Designer di Indonesia Blog / 31 Oktober 2019 Sebuah Ilustrasi Gilang (bukan nama sebenarnya) baru saja masuk ke sebuah perusahaan IT Consultant sebagai Designer. Saat hari pertama masuk kerja, CEO-nya mengajak private meeting. “Gilang, perusahaan kita sekarang akan invest di desain. Sebelumnya kami memang fokus ke sisi teknologi, namun banyak klien yang mengeluhkan kalo tampilan aplikasi yang kita buat kurang bagus dan cara pakainya kurang nyaman buat user… Read More »Jenjang Karir Desainer di Indonesia
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Cashbac Mobile App Audit

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Cashbac Mobile App Audit 22 Oct, 2019 Background Cashbac is a free mobile app that gives you instant cashback for every transaction and allows you to earn multiple rewards from a variety of partners. The most effortless way to get instant cashback. Anytime. Anywhere. The Challenge We were contacted by Cashbac team back in early 2018. They asked us to evaluate their existing mobile app at that time. Our project… Read More »Cashbac Mobile App Audit
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Audit Desain dengan Prinsip Heuristik

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Audit Desain Dengan Prinsip Heuristik Resource / 10 Oktober, 2019 Halo Fellow Designer! Pernahkah temen-temen dapat projek desain dan di tugas awalnya diminta klien untuk mereview UX dari website dan apps yang sudah existing? Biasanya temen-temen mereview apanya? Apakah ada pedoman agar memudahkan pekerjaan kita? Untungnya, jawabannya adalah YA. By the way, pekerjaan review ini dikenal juga dengan istilah-istilah lain, misalnya: Heuristic Evaluation, Expert Review atau kadang disebut juga Design… Read More »Audit Desain dengan Prinsip Heuristik


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Subtitle Title Date Test Lolrem #1 Setup the Tool Computer or Laptop Video Call Service that provides screen sharing, such as Skype, Hangout, Zoom etc. Timer. You can just google it. Real-time online whiteboard. You can use free services such as InVisionFreehand or, or more professional tools such as,, Stormboard, etc. Stable Internet Connection. Share to Ready to involve us to your project? Send us message

Case Study: Catchback The Kris-Egg

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Case Study: Catchback The Kris-Egg 7 Oct, 2019 Prologue On August, my team and I decided to participate in The 2019 Singapore Air App Challenge. This challenge has been around since 2016. We participate in this challenge because we want to hone our skills and gain more experience. Picking The Problem The first thing we need to do is pick a problem. As you can see on this list, there… Read More »Case Study: Catchback The Kris-Egg

My Experiences Doing Remote Crazy8

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Medium Post My Experiences Doing Remote Crazy8 16 Sept, 2019 Distance is not an excuse to get creative! We, UX people must have been familiar with the Crazy8 method. This method is pretty effective to generate a number of solution ideas in a short amount of time. It is also part of the infamous Design Sprint process. For those who are not familiar with this method, you can check this… Read More »My Experiences Doing Remote Crazy8