Designing a Brand New Career Consulting Experience

Project / 14 October, 2019

The Challenge

“How might we create a friendlier survey experience”

Project Background

We’ve been approached by UXE Singapore to help them redesign a website for one of their respective client, Career Agility Singapore. 

Career Agility is a career consulting service company who has a goal “Empower Individuals to attain Personal Happiness through Career Clarity” with 4 main programs, such as:

  • CareerClarity™ Workshop
  •  CareerPartners™ Program
  •  Interview Hacking Masterclass
  •  CAROL™ Career Diagnostic App

Project Scope

Logo redesign

Redesign the company profile website

Redesign their survey page with the chatbot approach.

The Process

Redesign the Career Agility Logo

In the process of redesigning the logo, the client has a special request that the logo must match  with company goals, such as:

  • Purpose: Empowering individuals to attain personal happiness/satisfaction through their career.
  •  Vision: To build a world where everyone enjoys their career.
  • With target market
    – Age 35 to 50
    – Self motivated, self aware
    – Non-victims (mentality)
    – Success driven
  •  Brand Values: Trustworthy/Integrity, Caring, Expertise/Expert, Authentic, Practical.
  •  Brand Personality: Positive, Approachable.
  •  Brand Name: Career Agility.
  •  Brand Image: Hummingbird, Pastel colors, Rainbow.

Client has specifically request to use the imagery of Hummingbird, because psychologically it represents company goals:

  • Remind us to live in the moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.
  • Remind us to always be seeking out what’s good in life.
  • A symbol of tenacity and endurance.
  • Remind us to stay adaptable and to accept the reality of change with a happy heart.
  •  And many more

To get ideas, we did competitor research and visual research to create a new logo from career agility, we did the research to find the value of brand with brand discovery.

Brand discovery result.

After we discover the value of the brand, then we begin a rough sketch for the career agility logo. Here the results of the logo exploration :

The Final Design of Career Agility Logo

Then we convert the sketch to a digital logo from the selected sketch.

To get a logo like the picture above, we made it according to company goals, with the concept of giving the impression of full color, fast movement, and enjoyment. Career Agility will help workers get happiness and satisfaction in their careers. The design is taken from the speed of the wings of a hummingbird that gives the impression of movement that can represent the agility of a career coaching that helps career moves towards a better career path so that they can enjoy their careers. Also, this logo has brand attributes such as colorful, enjoy, movement, energized and agility.

Redesign The Survey Page

We, together with Researchers  from UXE Singapore, conducted a remote Crazy-8 to find the right solution that could answer the challenges in this project, here are following the steps we took:

  1. Re-frame the problem and the task background.
  2.  Keep visual references on sight. Before we start, we gather our visual reference from dribbble, Behance, Pinterest, etc. We also make it visible on our computer screen.
  3.  The Crazy8. The main idea of this method is to Work Alone Together, meaning we embrace personal space to optimise each person’s ideas. So each of the participants needs to work on their own workspace first. At this step, each of us creating a free FREEHAND project in InVision App and do the crazy8 in 16 minutes, or 2 minutes per square. We took 2 minutes instead of one because we need to add toleration time to get used to the tool.
Each participant need to work their 8 sketches on their own file first.
4. When each of us are finished with our eight sketches; We block —               copy — and paste all of our sketches on our own board into the                     Master Board. This is when the participants show the results to                     others.
5. Zen voting & comments. As well as the conventional version, we can .       also do the silent voting or zen voting in this remote version. So,                   instead of having some dot stickers to mark the interesting part of               the drawings, we can use a circular-shaped drawing with a bright                 color as the replacement.
6. Decide the solution. The participant who has been chosen as the                 decision-maker will sum up and decide what to do next.
7. Final Solution Sketch. As we might know, we can mix the ideas from         Crazy8 into the final sketch. To do this, we can combine all the chosen       elements in Freehand into the new and final sketch.

For this workshop, we were trying to find a way to show how a Career Consultant survey site would look like. Turned out, the most unique idea is a chat-like interface is the winner.

Turned out, the most unique idea is a chat-like interface is the winner.

The Final Design of  Survey Page

The Final Design of Company Profile Page

Proudest Moment

We help redesign Carol by doing crazy 8 activities that are done remotely with UXE researchers and We managed to came up with the most unique idea in just 20 minutes.

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